Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The King of California


When you’re speeding up the I-5 or Highway 99 from L.A. to San Francisco, have you ever wondered about the miles and miles of cotton fields you whiz by? The King of California, by journalists Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman, tells the story of J.G. Boswell, the largest farmer in America. The Boswells began growing cotton in the Tulare Lake wetlands in the 1920s and expanded into an empire headquartered in Los Angeles with operations all over the world. The authors present a very readable history of the Boswell family, big agriculture in California, and labor relations which will interest those curious to learn more about the California landscape than the location of the next gas station or fast food restaurant.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! This will make the next trip much more interesting. Keep up the good book touting.

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