Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picasso & Lump: A dachshund’s journey

How can you resist a book about one of the world’s most famous artists and a small dog? Taz, the Blog Dog, could not resist and he wants to make sure you all check out Picasso & Lump: a daschund's journey:
Lump, the diminutive and somewhat distracted fellow with the long ears over there on the artist's left, originally belonged to Picasso’s photojournalist friend, David Douglas Duncan (author and photographer for the book) but one day in 1957 the duo went to visit Picasso at his Villa La Californie and Lump never left! The dachshund and the artist were soon a part of each others lives and Lump made several appearances in Picasso’s works.

The book, with over a hundred images, is an insight into the daily life of Picasso at his home in Cannes including intimate pictures with Lump, contemplative moments in his studio, and quiet time with wife Jacqueline Roque, friends and family. Duncan’s elegant black and white photographs and personal captions let us see a side of Picasso that few have seen, and in showing how he related to our four-footed brethren, "humanizes" the artist. Naturally.
Reproductions from Picasso’s series based on Velazquez’s Las Meninas are also included and a joyful Lump is featured in several of these paintings. All you art fans and dog lovers, share my excitement about Picasso & Lump! -- Taz, Blog Dog.

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