Saturday, November 10, 2007

Norman Mailer 1923 -2007

Feisty, outspoken literary giant, novelist Norman Mailer has passed away at the age of 84. Winner of two Pulitizers and a National Book Award, his major works are The Naked and the Dead, The Deer Park, An American Dream, and a popular photograph laden biography of Marilyn Monroe, entitled Marilyn.

Mailer frequently wrote and spoke against war in novels and speeches and took on many social issues. He won his second Pulitizer for The Executioner's Song, a nonfiction work about the death penalty when it was reinstated. Thinking of himself primarily as a novelist, however, he was very much aware of the waning interest in novels as technology changes the reading public. He told an audience at the 2005 Book awards, (as reported on NPR), that he felt " the woeful emotions of an old carriage maker as he watches the disappearance of his trade before the onrush of the automobile."

Norman Mailer was considered by many to be the most outstanding literary name of his generation.

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