Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Art of Buying Art

One of the more popular topics that is researched at Brand Library is finding out the value of art works and also collecting art in general. A couple of new titles have recently been added to the collection that complement many standard price indexes.

The Art of Buying Art (2nd ed.) by Alan Bamberger is an easy-to-understand book on how to buy, sell, appraise, and collect art. Topics covered include instructions on: how to research and evaluate art prices, spotting fakes and forgeries, how to buy art at online auctions, negotiating for art, how to buy directly from artists, buying fixed-price art online, telling the difference between an original and a reproduction, and much more. Bamberger is a noted art expert, author, and syndicated columnist. He doesn't provide any pretty pictures to look at, but this is an easy read and he has compiled invaluable information to make it possible for you to buy art like a professional.

Another addition to our shelves is The Art of Buying Art: An Insider's Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art by Paige West. In this book, contemporary art expert and gallery owner Paige West guides readers to understanding contemporary art by discussing the process of finding, appreciating, and collecting contemporary art on any budget. West writes from her experience as a professional art dealer and gallery owner and uses many illustrations of contemporary art to show the reader some of the contemporary art scene. The book opens by defining "original art", and then moves on to discuss how to start collecting, where to find modern art, and what reasonable prices might be. West also educates the reader so that s/he may make decisions about what to display on their walls -- including possibly interesting pieces from limited editions by current artists without breaking the bank! The book concludes with a list of Recommended Galleries in several major U.S. Cities (including Los Angeles), and a Recommended Reading list.

Brand Library has many more books on the topic of art collectors and collecting, so don’t forget to search the catalog!

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