Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Week in Reading April 27 - May 3, 2008

With the Americana at Brand opening this week it's difficult to think about reading, what with all the lights, crowds, traffic, fireworks, and excitement. But, once the hoopla settles down, reading will be a major activity within the complex. Now there will be, not one, but two major bookstores within walking distance of the library.

Other than the residents who will read on their balconies and in their living rooms, a critical mass of readers, fresh from browsing public and commercial shelves, will converge daily to find spots on Americana benches to read surrounded by idealized images of an American lifestyle that perhaps never was, but might have been. It will be, however, the future of the City of Glendale in many ways.

The readers at the Glendale Public Library welcome their unique new neighbors with open doors and friendly, welcoming information and reading guidance any time it's needed. And we'll spend our lunch time browsing your stores if you'll spend yours browsing our shelves. We're sure there are many hours we can spend together in the enjoyment of each other's enriched environments. We'll be remodeling to keep up.

This Week's Question: More basic then usual, which authors were born this week and what are some of the events to read about this week?

Answer to Last Week's Question: Robert Penn Warren wrote All the King's Men, one of the all time great political novels, in which he delineated how an effective idealist--the populist poltician Willie Stark--moved toward, and then away from, virtue.

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