Friday, June 20, 2008

Summertime at 1601 W. Mountain Street in the 1910s!

Women playing tennis at the lodge: A group of 5 unidentified women standing on the tennis courts that were on the grounds of Leslie C. Brand’s lodge. The lodge was a recreational home situated behind the Brands' main residence, El Miradero.

Women at the pool: A group of women at the pool on the westside of Leslie C. Brand's property, near his home El Miradero. The pool was enclosed in an outdoor structure.

These images come from a collection of online photographs that depict Leslie C. Brand and his family while he was still living in El Miradero. The collection includes images of the rooms within the mansion, and scenic views of the property and are available online as part of The Online Archive of California (OAC). The collection includes photographs and documentation related to Mr. and Mrs. Brand's funeral, the Brand family cemetery, the Brand Lodge, Brand's 1921 fly-in party, his airfield and airplanes, his automobiles, and his camp in Mono Lake. The collection also includes photographs of the Brand Library and Park that was created from his home and property deeded to the City of Glendale.

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