Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Week in Reading Aug 31 - Sep 6

This week is filled with novelists, mostly. From literary great William Saroyan, who also wrote plays and stories to Alice Sebold who didn't. Other novelists of note are Sarah Orne Jewett, Richard Wright, Arthur Koestler, Frank Yerby, and Alison Lurie.

Popular genre writers abound this week as well. Most notably, Edgar Rice Burroughs who created the Tarzan adventure novel series and movies and lived on a ranch he called Tarzana and later subdivided to become a district in Los Angeles. Also well known are Mary Renault and Joan Aiken who wrote historical novels that sold millions. Aiken also wrote fantasy, along with science fiction's CJ Cherryh, and China Mieville.

This Week's Question: You can get quality of life advice from other authors born this week, "Dr. Phil" McGraw, and Robert M. Pirsig. In a way, perhaps both of them suggest an effective marriage of the rational and the romantic but one of them is a psychologist and the other is a philosopher. Which one rode motorcycles?
Answer to Last week's Question: C. S. Forester began his highly successful series of books about naval hero Horatio Hornblower after he discovered a three volume set of old books about the British Navy, Naval Chronicles, in a used bookstore. Forrester also wrote the book The African Queen, which was made into a classic movie as well.

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