Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is a tale of injustice and inequities in a world grown small for those with the right resources and all two vast for those without. It is a big story and Chris Cleave chooses to tell it by alternating the voices of the sixteen-year-old Nigerian orphan and the English editor of a trendy women’s magazine, as each only possess half of the story. Their relationship was the result of a brief chance encounter on a Nigerian beach between Little Bee, and a British couple, Anthony and Sarah. Because of what occurred there, lives were irrevocably changed.
Mistakenly released from a British detention center for illegal immigrants two years later Little Bee knows no one in England and has no place to go but does have the drivers license that Anthony gave her that day in Nigeria and starts out to find him. The two women are ultimately come together again and try to move forward.
While the cover and the hype printed on this book are deceptive and best ignored, the contents should not. Consider this one for your book group.

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