Friday, February 19, 2010

The 2010 Census is Coming!

The United States Census Bureau will be sending out 2010 Census questionnaires to every household in the country. Much of the Federal funding the City of Glendale (and every other city, for that matter) receives is based on population figures derived from the census, so it is incredibly important that everyone fill out and return the questionnaire.

Check out the Census Bureau's
fact sheet for Glendale, for instance, to see the valuable types of demographic information the Census provides.

In an effort to increase local participation, Glendale will be holding a Census Outreach Project throughout the city on March 20th. Volunteers are wanted to help inform the community about the Census and answer questions.

More information regarding the Census Outreach Project (including volunteer information), the Census in general, and other Census job and volunteer opportunities is located on the City's
2010 Census page.

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