Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are We Open? - Overheard at the Grandview Library

It was about five minutes to closing at the Grandview branch library the other day. Everything was in motion as library users and staff scrambled to finish last minute tasks. A mom and her son rushed in the door but seemed confused by all the activity.

Mom asked "When do you close?"

The reply came back "In 5 minutes ma'am."

Looking defeated as they walked out the door, we overheard the son say "Mom, I told you we should have gone to a 24 hour library!"

Did you know that while our buildings have day and evening hours the Library's online branch is available 24 hours a day? At any hour of night or day you can access our WWWeb Branch to:

The Glendale Public library is far more than our buildings filled with great books and wonderful people. It is also your round-the-clock, round-the-worldwide-web access point for the best in information and entertainment. Come to any of our branches, including our library branch on WWWeb Street. You can even create an account online.

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