Thursday, February 14, 2008

Self Pick-Up Holds at the Central Library

The Glendale Central Library is undergoing a long, slow renovation process that will affect where things are located in the building. At the moment, in an effort to streamline our services, we have created a Self Pick-Up shelving area for you to claim whatever you have requested from other branches, from the Pasadena library system, or has come in from being checked out. That is, you can pick up anything for which you were notified via email, phone call, or postcard.

You can now go to the holds shelf which is located towards the left as you walk past the Circulation Desk and into the main Reading Room. It's right behind the New Book shelves. Look for the large green sign on top of the shelf and pick up items which are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the requestor. To protect privacy, these items are wrapped in paper.

Please note: If you phoned us at the Reference Desk to have a book or media item retrieved from the shelves by a reference librarian, that item will likely be waiting for you behind the Circulation Desk at the front of the library if we've had time time to get it here. (Usually about an hour or so.) Just ask the friendly Circulation staffer at the loan desk. If you have requested an Interlibrary Loan book from outside the Glendale and Pasadena systems it will be there, too, after it comes in.

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Lyndsay said...

Self pick-up holds are great! We have them at my local library and it makes library visits super fast and easy.

My local library doesn't cover the books for privacy though. They put the book upside down (spine down) with a name slip coming out the top.

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