Thursday, May 10, 2007

Art Textiles of the World. USA

Telos Art Publishing from England produces a fascinating series dedicated to textile art and artists from around the world. Art Textiles of the World: USA breaks down barriers between installation art, sculpture, design and craft. American textile artists have long been acclaimed around the world for their technical mastery and assured artistic voice. This heavily illustrated book contains profiles of ten outstanding artists working across the spectrum of art textiles: Kyoung Ae Cho, Virginia Davis, Deborah Fisher, Ann Hamilton, Linda Hutchins, Jane Lackey, Susan Lordi Marker, Charlene Nemec-Kessel, Jason Pollen, Jane Sauer.

In addition to the volume on USA there are also volumes for Great Britain, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. In 2005, Brand Library Art Galleries presented an exhibition-- Opulent Splendor -- a celebration of ornamentation, pattern, and fantasy through painting, fiber art, costume, and fashion. If you are interested in the world of textiles and fiber arts you cannot miss out on these books or looking at the images from this exhibition.

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