Monday, May 21, 2007

This Week in Reading May 20 - 26

Big doings around here this week. It is not only the birthdate of one of Glendale's most famous former residents but, just like the Glendale Public Library, it is the one hundreth anniversary of movie legend John Wayne's birthday.

And also born one hundred years ago on the very same day but a world apart was one of the most famous Shakepearean actors the world has known, Sir Laurence Olivier. According to the Internet Movie Database, the only times Olivier and Wayne ever appeared together were the 1959 and 1979 Academy Awards programs.

The Glendale Public Lilbrary is proud to offer you access to the works of either in videorecordings, online databases, and books about both of them. Among our authors this week is something for every taste as well, high to low, including the author who first wrote "It was a dark and stormy night."

Answer to Last Week's Question: The Information, Please Almanac merged with the Time Almanac in 2000.

This Week's Question: Where was Glendale High School located during the years John Wayne attended and what does it have to do with the library?

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