Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Ultimate Stan Kenton Book!

The Kenton Kronicles by Steven D. Harris (Dynaflow Publications 2000) is a much-praised biography on big band leader Stan Kenton. The author's exhaustive research allowed him to make corrections from earlier biographies even to the extent of finding a discrepancy in Kenton's birth date. The book covers Kenton’s youth to his rise to the top of America’s big band scene. The work includes interviews, bibliography, video-filmography and 285 photographs. The forward is by Kenton’s arranger Pete Rugolo.

Harris, a jazz archivist and historian, will present a lecture entitled The Artistry of Stan Kenton at Brand Library on Saturday June 2, 2007 at 2:00 pm.


Anonymous said...

As a Glendale resident frequent GPL user, I'm delighted to find this blog. Kudos to all the library staff who take the time to write.

I'd like to make a request. Whenever you review or mention particular books, would you please list the publisher & year, as you've done in this post? A link to the publisher would also be great.

I'm a big supporter of independent publishers (no, I don't work for one). They widen the range of voices in the literary landscape and I think it would be great if my local library supported them online.


Bryan, Reference Librarian said...

Actually, anon, there is no website that I could find for Dynaflow Publications, so we couldn't post a link for this one . . .
I'll certainly pass along your suggestion to all the contributors!

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