Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tempting Titles: Nonfiction 000 - 100 - 200

We're back with more Tempting Titles of recent books chosen by the nonfiction selectors, (the librarians who buy books for the library shelves.) If these titles are not yet on our shelves, records are in the catalog and will be flying off shelves soon. They are listed in Dewey Decimal order because that's where you'll find them, and how we order them.

To get to the online catalog record click on the image or the book title link. There you can place a hold request, see similar subjects or other books by the same author, read first chapters, reviews or summaries, and enlarge the image.

000 Computers, Generalities
Photoshop finishing touches
by Cross, Dave

This guide to Adobe Photoshop focuses on adding finishing touches such as frames and artistic and lighting effects to images so that readers can learn how to experiment with the program. Although meant for readers with some knowledge of Photoshop, the first section is a reference that explains key concepts. Others of the 59 techniques shown are borders and edge effects, applying filters, color tint, blurring, and techniques for presentation such as slide shows. (Glendale Public Library Catalog Summary)

Totally wired: what teens and tweens are really doing online
by Goodstein, Anastasia

Today's teens are developmentally identical to teens who listened to Elvis and wore poodle skirts, Goodstein argues, but they have a new venue—the Internet—for exploring their hopes, desires and voices. Goodstein urges parents to take the plunge into cyberspace not only in order to keep their children safe but also to build closer relationships. "Ask them about their digital lives," she advises, "and they'll start talking about the rest of their lives." Focusing on the pros rather than the risks, Goldstein presents a solid and accessible guide to help understand the wired generation. (Publisher's Weekly)

100 Philosophy, Psychology

Have You Got What It Takes?: Successful People Reveal How They Made It to the Top by Boggs, Bill

This lessons-in-life career guide from successful stars at the top of their game delves into what factors, beyond talent, have determined and defined the lives of well-known individuals, including Joe Torre, Anna Quindlen, Matt Lauer, and others. (Glendale Public Library Catalog Summary)

200 Religion

"a must-read not only for educators, clergy and government officials, but for all adults in a culture where, as Prothero puts it, "faith without understanding is the standard" and "religious ignorance is bliss." Publishers' Weekly

If this reviewer were God, Allah, or master of the universe, and if he were inclined to remind Muslims, Jews, and Christians that they've lived most of the last 1400 years in peaceful coexistence and cooperation rather than violence and intolerance, this is the book he would write for them. Karabell shows that this nearly forgotten heritage can help us envision (and act upon) a more stable and secure 21st century—one in which the shared watchword is peace, not conflict. Library Journal.

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