Saturday, June 30, 2007

This Week in Reading July 1 - 7

What is it about being born this time of year? It's the Fourth of July and it's good to share this week with some really great authors. Who knows, maybe one of us will get on this list in future years. For now just enjoy reading across wide world spectrums, like those between Nathaniel Hawthorne and Hermann Hesse, and between the plays of Neil Simon and Tom Stoppard. And maybe the gap between Franz Kafka and James Cain is not so wide as it first seems. Don't set off any fireworks, except in your mind. Enjoy the midweek day off.

This Week's Question: Where is the primary exhibit of Frida Kahlo paintings being held to celebrate the centennial of her birth?

Answer to Last Week's Question: "Social Contract' was a term used by Rousseau, Locke, and others to describe the relationship between members of a society and their acceptance of a rule of law in order to be "free" and live reasonably together. More broadly, the term refers to institutions such as public libraries, schools, police and fire. Through these institutions, the community undertakes to provide services for its members by sharing expenses so that more services can be shared with all members of the community than could be individually obtained.

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