Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tempting Titles: Nonfiction 600 - 700

Continuing Summer fun in Dewey Decimal order:

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600 - Health, Technology, Business

Into the Black: JPL and the American Space Program, 1976-2004 by Westwick, Peter J.

A well-written work showing how a preeminent US space laboratory has coped with change as a new era of international competitiveness has evolved from earlier national emphasis on military and political competition. Choice

Introduction to Dog Agility by Bonham, Margaret H. with illustrations by Michele Earle-Bridges.

Written especially for beginning canine Agility competition enthusiasts, this manual covers all aspects of the competitive sport. The author starts with instruction on evaluating a dog's physical fitness and overall readiness for Agility training... Glendale Public Library Catalog Summary

Taz, the Blog Dog, says: "Want to have more fun with your person than you can possibly imagine? Plan to have them take you to do agility! Those tunnels, jumps, and tires are way cooooollll!!! Go dog go!" See you at the next trial-- Hey, look! Ice cream! Can I have some? Huh? Hawrf!"

The perfect scoop : ice creams, sorbets, granitas, and sweet accompaniments by Lebovitz, David

Lebovitz, who was a pastry chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA, for 12 years, is the author of three other cookbooks, including Room for Dessert. Here, he offers dozens of recipes for delectable frozen treats, from Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice Cream to Cherry Sorbet to Blood Orange Granita. All the classics are here, along with more innovative creations. Parsley Ice Cream, anyone? Library Journal

From this essential guidebook's opening sentence—"Bad things can happen on email"—Shipley and Schwalbe make all too clear what can go wrong. Brisk, practical and witty, the book aims to improve the reader's skills as sender and recipient: devising effective subject lines and exploring "the politics of the cc"; how to steer clear of legal issues; and how to recognize different types of attachments. Publisher's Weekly

Assuming that readers don't have the time to camp in an armchair and mull over his advice, Tracy "chunks up" the book by using headings to subdivide chapters and peppering his prose with numbered lists, such as the "12 Proven Principles for Peak Performance" and the "16 Ways to Overcome Procrastination." On occasion, his motivational bent can be too bubbly, especially in the "action exercises" found at the end of each chapter: "Resolve today that you are going to work and practice until you become one of the most efficient, effective, and productive people in your field," or "Resolve today to dedicate yourself to lifelong learning; decide to pay any price, invest any amount of time required, to be the best at what you do." Publisher's Weekly

700 - Arts, Sports, Entertaiment

Why Classical Music Still Matters, by Kramer, Lawrence

By focusing on the themes of life, (love and death, memory, war, identity, suffering and longing, solitude and community) he provides readers with the essential vocabulary to understand, actively engage with, and give meaning and value to classical music in our contemporary popular culture. Library Journal

Brooks's probing self-insights and clever quotes abound. While his sense of timing, delivery and charming goofiness may not always translate to the written page, readers will be satisfied with the details unearthed by Parish's exhaustive research. Publishers Weekly

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