Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Authors, Artists & Friends" Series

Wednesday, October 24, 7 pm for free at the Glendale Central Library come hear John W. Dean discuss the issues plaguing Constitutional structure of co-equal branches of government. Is government broken? Are its processes capable of being fixed? How did it get this way?

Finally, he addresses the question that he is so often asked at his speaking engagements: What, if anything, can and should politically moderate citizens do to combat the extremism, authoritarianism, incompetence, and increasing focus on divisive wedge issues that exist today?

Can’t make the event or want more?

In his eighth book, Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, Dean takes the broadest and deepest view of what he considers the damage that the Republican Party and its core conservatives have inflicted on the federal government. He assesses the state of all three branches of government. Unlike most political commentary, which is concerned with policy, Dean looks instead at process, making the case that the 2008 presidential race must confront these fundamental problems as well.

John Dean has become one of the most trenchant and respected commentators on the current state of American politics and one of the most outspoken and perceptive critics of the administration of George W. Bush in his New York Times bestsellers
Conservatives Without Conscience and Worse Than Watergate.

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