Monday, October 15, 2007

This Week in Reading October 14 - 20

It's a very long list this week which includes John Dean from the Nixon Whitehouse, who will speak here at the library next week on Wednesday, October 24 about the current Whitehouse.

Besides fascinating events which bear some looking into, there are some best selling authors, the suspense writers John LeCarre and Mario Puzo, masters of their craft Italo Calvino and Gunter Grass, as well as English wits P. G. Wodehouse and Oscar Wilde. There are also many authors who are well known generally and extremely important to their field, the top two American playwrights Eugene O'Neill and Arthur Miller, philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche and Michael Foucault, poets e.e. cummings, Arthur Rimbaud, Ntozake Shange, Robert Pinsky, thoughtful analyzers of education and culture, John Dewey and C.P Snow, as well as a president, economists, journalists, historians, essayists, humorists, atheletes, businessmen, travel writers, celebrties, and to keep the streak going, three more Nobel prizewinners. Is it significant that thirteen of these authors were all born on October 15. What is there about that day?

This Week's Question: Which author in this week's list sold a book at the rate of a million copies per year and yet received only one cent per copy royalty which was enough to live on?

Answer to Last Week's Question:The Quill Book Awards is the only televised book award event. Unlike awards with explicit literary merit as the criteria, the Quills are meant to include the public who can vote for awards in their favorite genre.The author born last week who has won the Quill for romance, for her book Angels Fall, is Nora Roberts, who also writes in a different genre under the name J.D. Robb. This year's awards will be broadcast next week, October 22 with the specific intent to add glitz to the book biz.

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