Saturday, October 6, 2007

This Week In Reading October 7 - 13

Would you believe three more Nobel prizewinners this week? Two of them were for Literature: Harold Pinter, who gave a controversial acceptance speech called Art, Truth and Politics, and Francois Mauriac of France. The other was given to South African Bishop Desmond Tutu when the Nobel committee called him the "unifying leader figure in the campaign to solve South Africa's apartheid problem by peaceful means."

One of the interesting things in making a list like this each week is to see how birth dates of writers can fall on the same day of different years, so it's fascinating to discover that two of our authors of quite widely disparate natures were born on exactly the same day in the same year. Can you get much further apart than the most ascerbic of political satirists, Lenny Bruce, and the most conservative of politicians, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who were both born on October 13, 1925?
This Week's Question: Which author born this week has won a Quill Award this year (2007) for a book in a category? Which category? What is a Quill Award?

Answer to Last Week's Question: The great booklover and wit, Groucho Marx, said it, of course.

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