Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Library Cat Gets Book Deal Worth $1.25 Million

Dewey Readmore Books, the library cat of the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa, has just sold the rights to his story, (through his human agents and librarian biographers) to a publishing company that hopes to replicate the success of Marley and Me: life and love with the world's worst dog by James Grogan.
Besides becoming accustomed to being a media star, Dewey Readmore Books sometimes supervises the library staff.

A celebrity we have here at Glendale Public Library is Taz, the Blog Dog, a blue Australian cattle dog, often accompanied on his rounds by Lora, our Reference Manager. A skilled herder, he also supervises every chance he gets.
He often likes to curl up by the fire with a good book. So, look for his book recommendations from time to time here on Book Talk.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I went to Dewey's website and there was a link on it to a company that has produced a documentary on cats called Puss in Books. When you go to THAT website, there is an interactive map of all library cats in the U.S., with pictures of some of the cats (hint: click on the cats' names). Most picures are of the classic "cat poses with books" variety. Noticed that Glendale, home of the famous Cat Collection, has not one library cat in residence though! Thanks for a couple of laughs!

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