Monday, April 23, 2007

This Week in Reading April 22 - 28

Shakespeare, Sue Grafton, O Henry, the Library of Congress, Earth Day, Michael Moore, Shirley McLaine, and one of the most disturbing events ever to occur. There's plenty of big name book choices in the library from the lists of events to read about and authors to read this week. We hope our new two column format makes it easier to scan. Click on the event description or author name to see what the library has and click on a book image to see where that book is in the library and then place a request to put it in your hands.

This week's question: Who was Harper Lee's next door neighbor as she grew up?

Answer to last week's question: Clarence Darrow the iconic legal defender of the powerless against the powerful, who with his adversary, William Jennings Bryan, were portrayed in the play and movie, Inherit the Wind, about the Scopes trial for teaching evolution.

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