Sunday, April 8, 2007

This Week in Reading April 8-14

We just had Passover last week and this week not only Easter is celebrated in both Christian and Orthodox societies but so is the birthday of Buddha. There are more events to read about this week than authors. Don't risk fate; stay home and read on Friday the Thirteenth.

This week's question: What, indeed, is the War of Jenkins' ear? Who fought it?

Answer to last week's question: For Poetry Month I asked for help:

If I began a poem this way,
You would finish it how?
Hoist way up on my own petard,
No one wrote to cause a wow.

But if I asked for more from you,
And tried again to give the cue,
Would you write a verse or two,
And keep it tasteful, fresh and new?

Or would you rather verse it free?

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