Friday, April 20, 2007

Tempting Titles: New Nonfiction 600 - 799

Our trip through the Dewey Decimal system continues with the 600s and 700s. More tomorrow.

600 Health, Technology, Business

The brilliance of this fun-to-read munching manifesto is its ability to adapt itself to the vagaries of real-world eating; the writer-editor authors understand the temptations of workaday life and lazy weekends and provide practical tips that allow even dieting dropouts a bit of the leeway they crave. PW Annex Reviews

Numerous articles and books have shown that many physicians do not know how to treat terminally ill patients appropriately and humanely. Some physicians, in fact, use extreme and futile medical interventions to treat dying patients, with little regard to their costs, the pain and suffering they cause, or even the patients' own wishes. Chen, a young Asian American transplant surgeon, further addresses this profound paradox of medicine—a profession premised on caring for the ill that systematically depersonalizes the dying—by compiling her own experiences dealing with death and dying. Library Journal 9/1/06.

Unstrange Minds: remapping the world of autism by Roy Richard Grinker

... a book that ranks with Uta Frith's Autism: Explaining the Enigma as one of the great general books on autism. Library Journal, January 2007 #1.

The boy who was raised as a dog: and other stories from a child psychiatrist’s notebook: what traumatized children can teach us about loss, love, and healing by Bruce D. Perry and Maia Szalavitz

In beautifully written, fascinating accounts of experiences working with emotionally stunted and traumatized children, child psychiatrist Perry educates readers about how early-life stress and violence affects the developing brain. He learns that to facilitate recovery, the loss of control and powerlessness felt by a child during a traumatic experience must be counteracted. Publishers Weekly, January

A Twist of the Wrist: quick flavorful meals with ingredients from jars, cans, bags, and boxes by Nancy Silverton.

Silverton was one of the first of the new generation of artisan bakers, and her La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles has a national reputation. She…began to discover the range of high-quality prepared products increasingly available even in supermarkets, and she embarked on a mission to develop sophisticated but quick and easy recipes that take advantage of them. Highly recommended. Library Journal, February 2007

“They Call Me Naughty Lola”: personal ads from the London Review of Books edited by David Rose

See how other book lovers describe themselves. From the summary in the catalog: "this collection of personal ads from the young, old, fat, bald, healthy, ill, rich, and poor hoping they can find true love, or at the very least, someone to call them Naughty Lola." Like many recent books in the library online catalog, there are first chapter excerpts. Don't miss them.

Founder and president of Green Daisy Inc., she tells how she converted a comfy pillow she invented into a successful company, sharing poignant insights about her challenges and growth. Lavine seamlessly weaves her journey of discovery with checklists, links, resources and how-tos drawn from her experience. Starred Review Publishers Weekly, December 2006)

700 - Art, architecture, entertainment, sports

The Taj Mahal (1631), one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has been beautifully exalted in the hands of the Prestons. a reliable source for readers wanting to understand the splendor of the Taj Mahal in historical context. Library Journal

Boyar, (who co-wrote with his wife, Jane, three autobiographies with Davis), now offers these beautiful archival snapshots that Davis took of his friends, family and acquaintances. The photos… are rare shots of his father dancing onstage as part of the Will Mastin Trio; fun, candid snapshots as only a close friend can take of Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Nat "King" Cole and Marilyn Monroe; of politicians he associated with, like Robert Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr.; and photos of his one-time wife May Britt and their three children, Tracey, Jeff and Mark. Publishers Weekly, February

An entertaining and equitable examination of Jackie Robinson’s groundbreaking rookie season. Baseball fans will delight in a detailed account of the ’47 Dodgers-Yankees World Series and revel in the portraits of some of baseball’s more interesting characters


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations! But the Nancy Silverton and Sammy Davis Jr. aren't showing up in my catalog search. Am I doing something wrong?

Bryan, Reference Librarian said...

I'm not sure. If you are including the "A" before the title of Silverton book when you are searching, that won't work, and the title of the Davis book is "Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr.", so if you just searched for "Photo", you'd have to go to the second page of results to see it. In any case, you can always click on the pictures of the books in the blog to take you straight to the catalog entry. Providing the links work, of course! ; )

Anonymous said...

I just read the coolest book. In it, Marilyn comes back to life--in a manner of speaking. It's a futuristic thriller called Better Than Chocolate (by Bruce Golden). In it, a "celebudroid" is created to look and act like MM, and then programmed with all her films, all known facts about her. It IS Marilyn, but she begins to grow as a person in this new identity, so she becomes more than just the MM known to history. This celebudroid ends up partnering with a San Francisco police inspector to save mankind from a vast conspiracy. It's fun, it's funny, and it's engaging. You should check it out.

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